What your zodiac sign has to say about your sex life

What your zodiac sign has to say about your sex life

Do you like to know what the stars have in mind for you? They control your destiny, your highs and lows, and believe it or not, they also control your love life. If you want to find out what the stars have to say about your sex life and the happenings in your bedroom, keep reading – we know all the dirty details!

Capricorn – I want it all

If you really want to experience mind-blowing sex, go to bed with a Capricorn, we promise you that you won’t regret it. Capricorns are known to get completely involved in a sexual encounter and they truly give it their all, every single time.

If you are a Capricorn, you need more than just a physical connection, you need to bond on an emotional level as well to be completely satisfied. Causal sex definitely isn’t your thing as you sometimes have problems differentiating between love and sex, but once you’ve found what you’re looking for, expect some serious fireworks.

Aquarius – The most fun sex out there

If you are an Aquarius, you see the world as an adventure, and the same goes for sex as well. You like to have fun and you definitely have fun in the bedroom. You take things lightly and don’t make a big deal about them, so you create a very relaxing atmosphere that leads to some amazing experiences.

You’re open-minded and never afraid of trying anything new, which is of course a great quality when it comes to sex. You also like to take control over the happening in the bedroom and very much enjoy sexy games and extra partners in your sexual adventures.

Pisces – Want to be my fantasy?

As a Pisces, you’re always full of fun ideas and you’re especially creative in the bedroom. You’re basically an expert when it comes to seduction and it’s easy for you to make people want you, so you never have problems getting your target into bed with you.

You’ve got an open mind and aren’t very shy when it comes to sex, so your bedroom encounters often tend to be kinky and even slightly dirty. Your innovative mind helps you create sexy fantasies that are just as enticing for you as they are for your partners.

Aries – Dirty and direct could be your middle name

If you’re an Aries, you’re probably not a big fan of flirting, playing games or even foreplay – you like to get straight to the point. But that doesn’t mean that you are a selfish lover – not at all, you’re actually very giving, although to be completely honest, you require just as much attention in return.

Your sex life is fun, exciting and very passionate, so try to share it with people who possess those same qualities. Make sure they aren’t too gentle – you sometimes like it rough and probably won’t be too happy with delicate love-making.

Taurus – It’s not about you, it’s about them

If you were born in the sign of Taurus, then good sex is only good for you if it’s also good for the person with you – otherwise, you’re just not happy. This makes you a gentle and attentive lover, and we all know that attentive lovers are always in demand, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding interested parties to share your life and your bed with.

For you, sex is something sensual and emotional – you’re not into one-night-stands and casual sex. You prefer to take your time, take things slow and enjoy every single touch. This enables you to build deeper relationships, which makes your sex life so much better!

Gemini – Anything but dull and boring

The last thing you want in your life is boredom, and that applies to your sex life as well. You don’t like a dull, passionless sex routine or going through the same motions over and over again. You like to try out new things, experience new sensations and are never afraid of doing something completely crazy.

Role paying, bondage, multiple partners and acting out your fantasies? Sounds a lot like your average Friday night, doesn’t it? Whoever ends up in your bed will have the time of their life – just make sure you don’t scare them away with your sexual liberality.

Cancer – Tell me what you want

If you are a Cancer, you probably tend to be submissive – which can work out perfectly if you find a partner who prefers to be in charge. After you find that special person, you’re willing to do almost anything for them – including some pretty nasty stuff. Well, as long as you’re both consenting adults, who are we to judge?

You’re shy at first, but once you connect on an emotional level, you tend to open up and become willing to try out new things. One-night-stands aren’t really your thing, since you need to care about a person before sleeping with them, but don’t worry about it – the best sex happens in committed relationships anyway.

Leo – Just leave everything to me

As a Leo, you are dominant and like to be in control when it comes to sex – and people should really let you take over, since you are simply amazing at these things. You are proud of your skills in bed and you like to brag, but anyone who’s ever had the chance to experience what you talk about will agree that you are simply stunning.

You know what you want and it’s easy for you to understand the needs of others as well. When it comes to sex, you really should have the lead, so feel free to take charge without feeling guilty about having it your way – in the end, everyone will appreciate it!

Virgo – All about the details

Virgos as known as exact and thorough, sometimes even too much – but it turns out that it can be a good thing when it comes to sex. Who would have thought, right? You remember every single thing your partner likes and dislikes – and you remember it at exactly the right time.

As a Virgo, you’re happy to experiment and don’t get easily hurt if the experiment doesn’t go as planned – you simply move on and try something new. And because details are so important to you, you prefer to avoid casual sex and stick to one special person, so you can really get to know all their – well, details.

Libra – This could take all night

If you are a Libra, you like to take your time – in life as well as with sex. And if you taking your time can sometimes be an annoying habit in life, it’s a great thing when it comes to sex. Your partners will enjoy this a lot, since you are happy to take all the time in the world when it comes to their pleasure.

You never rush things, you take things slow, take your partner to the edge, then bring them back, and repeat this a couple of times until they feel as if they’re going insane – and then just when they think they cannot take it anymore, you let them have it all. You always make sure that whoever finds themselves in your bed is completely satisfied, which is another reason why you never run of admirers. 

Scorpio – Anyplace and anytime

As a Scorpio, you have an extremely high sex drive and very little inhibitions, which is a guarantee of a pretty wild sex life. Just remember to find a partner that can keep up with you and doesn’t get easily freaked out – you’ll probably have some pretty bizarre suggestions.

You are very intense in bed and sex with you can be somewhat crazy – whoever ends up under the covers with you will probably suffer bite marks, scratches and a couple of plucked out hair. Nevertheless, they will surely appreciate it, as you will provide them with the wildest and most satisfying sexual encounter of their lives.

Sagittarius – There’s no such thing as bad time for sex

As a Sagittarius, you’re always up for anything – especially sex. This means that you’re basically in the mood at all times and you keep surprising your partner with random quickies, which is one of the reasons why they love you so much.

Sex with you is never boring, you’re always coming up with sexy new positions and you like to have sex in the strangest of places. The only real danger in your sex life is boredom – you can’t stand routine, so your partner will always have to make sure to keep you entertained, excited and satisfied.