What makes a Napsie mattress special

What makes a Napsie mattress special

Have you ever wandered into a mattress store and got frustrated by hundreds of mattress options offered there? We believe after some heavy stressing about what to actually choose, you realized you simply don’t know what kind of mattress would suit you best…So, don’t stress, take a moment and give this a read . 

What Do We Have that Other Mattresses Don’t?

In addition to expert knowledge, years of experience in the industry, masses of happy customers across 4 countries and a really cool brand name (go, Napsie, go!), we’ve also got the perfect combination of layers, which guarantee the best possible comfort and support for your body. And that’s what mattresses should be all about, don’t you agree?

One Mattress to Rule Them All

For every individual sleeper out there, there is also a perfect unique mattress, right? Wrong! As it turns out, about 99% of people prefer the exact same mattress (we “double” checked with prototypes and tests).  We offer one high quality mattress, in a range of sizes.  We call it perfect because we have specially engineered it to give people of all shapes and sizes the best possible night’s sleep. And best of all – we keep our prices fair because we believe good night sleep should be affordable to everyone. 

Powered by innovation

One of the secrets behind Napsie superb comfort is the core made of adaptive foam springs, which have been developed especially for Napsie. These springs move in 3 dimensions to perfectly adapt to any shape, weight or sleeping position, thus mattress always feels great in firmness. This is topped topped a layer of comfortable supportive foam and a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam which profiles your body ensuring that your comfort feels tailor made. Below all of this is a support base that gives mattress great durability and lifespan. When covered in stylish, hypoallergenic cover, the product is completed. It’s all very scientific and believe us it’s extraordinarily comfortable.

Go ahead, give it a try

To convince you even more, we offer a 101 night guarantee – so you can sleep on our mattress in your own bedroom. No risks, no extra costs – if you don't like the mattress, we'll come pick it up and give all your money back.  An even if you keep it, you re still backed up by 10 year warranty. 

So, why Napsie? Well, why not?  We’ve put all our knowledge, experience and heart into it, and feedback from satisfied customers is  the best proof we’ve done a good job. Want to read more? Go ahead and find out everything you need to know about our mattress here >