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How to fall asleep in seconds

Having trouble falling asleep? If you have already tried all the usual ways of helping yourself fall asleep, perhaps it is time to try out the bit more unusual ways. We found 6 extremely creative ways that could easily help you nod off in no time.

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7 unconventional ( but awesome!) tips to get the better sleep

We’ve all fallen asleep thousands of times, however some nights we lay in bed staring at the ceiling like we’ve forgotten how it looks like.In fact, clocking less than seven hours a night puts adults at risk for a slew of negative side effects, such as depression, heart disease, forgetfulness, delayed reaction time, and high blood pressure. Googling “tips for better sleep” doesn’t help much - we all know the boring basic set of rules: turn off the lights, take a warm bath, dont drink alcohol before bed et cetera, et cetera, yadda,yadda…

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