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The World's Worst Disasters Caused by Sleep Deprivation
We’ve all been there: putting the milk carton in a kitchen cabinet instead of the fridge, leaving our keys in the lock and leaving our home wearing two different shoes – and a nightgown. That’s what sleep deprivation does to us, but things aren’t always that innocent. Statistics tell a much more terrifying story: one in six fatal car crashes and more than 200,000 workplace accidents a year are supposed to be a result of insufficient sleep. And that’s not all, some of the most terrible disasters that happened in the 20th century have happened because of sleep deprivation.
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Feeling Sleep-Deprived? No, It's NOT Normal!

We live in a world in which sleep deprivation is considered closely connected to success – if you’re good at what you do, you simply don’t have the luxury to sleep more than a couple of hours per night. The same goes for all successful people: doctors, lawyers, politicians, soldiers, celebrities… The list is almost endless. But we’ve got some shocking news – it’s NOT normal to be sleep-deprived, and you don’t have to be. Let’s start at the beginning…

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True or False? 5 Common Myths about Sleep, revealed

You love to sleep, we know – but does that make you an expert on sleep? Probably not. Don’t worry, we all get lost sometimes, even when it comes to our favourite things, and you wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve heard when researching the most popular and most well-known facts about sleep. Do you want to know which are true and which are false? We’ve debunked some of the most common myths about sleep – so that you can really start calling yourself a sleep expert from now on!

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