Do Power Naps Actually Help or Are They Just a Waste of Time?

Do Power Naps Actually Help or Are They Just a Waste of Time?

It depends, right? If you sleep on a Napsie mattress, they help, and if you sleep on any other mattress, they might not… Just joking – naps can be probably quite comfortable on other mattresses, too, but it is still true that Napsie is way better (and cooler) than other mattresses out there!

Getting back to the matter at hand (we just couldn’t resist saying a few things about Napsie at the beginning, because it is just so darn great) – are you sure the power naps you frequently take in the afternoons actually work? Do they improve your performance and help you get through days? Or are they just another way of wasting your time? The answers await below, dear nappers! And you might want to read them before you take your next nap…

To nap or not to nap…

The simple truth is that an average adult sleeper needs around 8 hours of sleep each night to function properly and most experts on the matter agree that most people can function within reasonable limits also with just 6 hour of sleep per night. But what to do on those days when you just can’t get enough sleep during the night (a shameless advertising insert: you might get enough sleep if you slept on a Napsie, you know?) – should you or should you not take a quick nap or two in the afternoon?

Some people believe that it is the only thing keeping them alive and some believe naps only make them even less effective, so let’s get to the end of this eternal dilemma once and for all, shall we? We shall! Here are some things to consider.

General pros & cons of taking a nap

Pros: it invigorates the body and the mind, refilling energy levels and allowing you to function better for the remainder of the day.

Cons: it makes you wake up all drowsy and tired, so you actually waste some additional time getting back in shape after a nap, plus there have been some health claims that frequent napping can increase the chances of suffering from heart disease (we’ll get back to you with this one once it is firmly confirmed or refuted). In addition to all that, it can sometimes also be quite a challenge to find a comfortable napping position behind a desk in the office just after lunch break, right?

Just any nap won’t do

So, just like practically everything else, naps do have their benefits but also some shortcomings. If you want to get the most out of the former and keep the latter to a minimum, you should take just the right kind of naps! Which are?

No longer than 10 – 20 mins, according to most sleeping experts. Naps of this duration actually should keep your alertness up for the next following hours, while longer naps may make you feel even more tired, causing laziness and possible mistakes in whatever you decide to do.

Napping is not quite the same as sleeping

Human sleep cycle consists of multiple periods, typically lasting from 90 to 120 minutes, which include NREM and REM phases, both of which are crucial (due to different reasons) for normal functioning.  It is clear that a few minutes long nap can’t quite get you all the way there, right?

What a nap can do is to improve your alertness and your abilities to learn, memorize and perform demanding tasks, and also reduce stress. All these beneficial effects typically last for a few hours at best. What a nap can’t do for you is properly regenerate your brain and muscles to allow continuous, long-lasting use of your mind and body. Naps can thus at best be a short-term solution, and never a long-term one.


So, should you nap or should you not nap? If you can’t get through the day otherwise and feel like your nap really is helping you perform and feel better, why not? Just make it a short one.  Or simply buy a comfortable Napsie mattress instead and get enough quality sleep during the night in the first place…