8 Reasons Why We Want to Sell You a Mattress (And Why You Really Shouldn't Think Twice About Buying It!)

8 Reasons Why We Want to Sell You a Mattress (And Why You Really Shouldn't Think Twice About Buying It!)

We’re not going to beat around the bush: our job is to sell you a mattress. And we’re not even trying to hide it. Why? Because we know we’ve got the best mattress out there, so we won’t just lay out a number of reasons why you should get a new one – we’re going to tell you why you need to get OUR’s. Are you ready to be impressed?

Reason #1: It’s just as high-tech as your new mobile phone

You won’t be able to play Angry Birds or catch a Pokémon with it (although you can do it ON it), but Napsie mattress is just as high-tech as your new smart phone or tablet. It’s powered by a patented technology called OctaspringTM, a hybrid invention, the first and only of its kind. It features the best of spring coil and memory foam materials available these days, so if Napsie doesn’t help you to a great night’s sleep, nothing will.

Reason #2: Ordering it is about as easy as ordering a pizza

Correction: ordering our mattress is actually a lot easier than ordering a pizza. You know those questions that never end … What kind of dough do you want? Which toppings would you like? Do you want your pizza small, medium or large? With Napsie, we made such a perfect mattress the first time around that there was absolutely no need to take things any further – so you don’t have to waste your time on endless choices and decisions.

Reason #3: We’ll bring it right to your door

If you’d really like to finally change your mattress but can’t quite gather the courage to plan the logistics, don’t worry – we’ll deliver your new mattress right to your door free of charge, anywhere in the country – even if you live in the middle of nowhere. And don’t worry, we won’t just drop it off in front of your building; we’ll bring it all the way up to the top floor if we have to. And if you want, we’ll even tuck you in!


Reason #4: Our trial is so much more than just a one-night stand

We’re so sure you’re going to fall in love with Napsie that we’re giving you a 101-night trial of your new mattress. We’re not really into one-night stands, so we want to give you the opportunity to truly test out your Napsie mattress before committing to a long-term relationship with it.

Reason #5: We won’t hold a grudge if you don’t like it

We simply love spending a night on a Napsie mattress, but if you won’t feel the same, we promise we won’t hold a grudge. We’ll pick it up and take it back – no questions, no mean looks, no tricks, no extra costs, just a prompt refund.

Reason #6: You won’t have to go on a bread & water diet to afford it

We know that buying a new mattress can be quite a challenge for your budget and we don’t want you living on bread and water just because you decided to improve the quality of your sleep. That’s why we’re offering a number of flexible payment options that range from upfront payments to manageable instalments. 

Reason #7: We’ll give you the coolest night of your life

In every way you can think of! Our mattress is not only incredibly cool and simply fantastic, it’ll also let you stay nice and cool during the hot summer night. Napsie’s construction gives it amazing breathability, which ensures that you can sleep comfortably even during the warmest time of the year. And oh, did we mention that Napsie also features a hypoallergenic washable cover?

Reason #8: You spend most of your night awake – but not in the good way

Spending the night awake in your bed is not always a bad thing, but if the reason for your sleepless nights is insomnia, not a handsome companion, things are not all that fun anymore. Napsie will change that once and for all – it’ll give you a comfortable night of perfect sleep, so you’ll be well rested for when you actually want to spend the whole night awake.