6 Gadgets That Can Improve Your Bedroom and the Quality of Your Sleep

6 Gadgets That Can Improve Your Bedroom and the Quality of Your Sleep

A good-looking dude or a foxy lady might help, sure, but what if they are not around? A good bed, a great mattress and comfortable bedding can also do wonders for your sleep, but anyone can have these in their bedroom, right? Time to be really inventive – here is a list of 6 amazing gadgets that might be surprisingly useful for your sleeping heaven… 

#1: A humidifier

Humidifiers are those gurgling machines that usually blow steam into the air of a room, increasing the level of moisture. And why would that be good for your sleep? Because dry air can cause breathing problems and skin irritation – you’ve guessed right that none of these two make sleeping easier… Add an air ionizer to the mix to make your air clean and bacteria-free, and you’ll be safely on your way to a much better sleep!

#2: A white noise machine

Your neighbour’s dog making your nights miserable? Perhaps your snoring husband? Or simply the faintest sounds of your own breathing and moving muscles from time to time? Holy moly, you are a sensitive thing at night, aren’t you? Well, have no fear, modern technology can help you with that too – just buy a white noise machine (or install an app onto your smart phone) which will cover up all the unpleasant sounds from the environment and make you sleep like a baby once again. Or, if you like old-school techno solutions, just use a hairdryer on your nightstand instead…

#3: A dimming light

You lie down on your comfortable bed, cover yourself with your super-comfy blanket and slowly reach for your light switch, 100% ready to fall into peaceful sleep. But once the light goes off, you suddenly feel pressured to sleep, so you toss and turn around the bed until you finally have enough and you turn the light back on… Sounds familiar? Well, you can always get a light with a dimming function, which will ease your falling sleep and also make mornings much more pleasant by gently and gradually waking you up.

#4: A smart-phone app that analyses your sleep

There are literally hundreds of these available on the market these days, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your needs perfectly. These apps do not only offer a useful insight into your sleeping habits by analysing your movement, breathing, temperature and some other really weird stuff to tell you what you are doing wrong during the night, but also often have a very handy function of waking you up right after you’ve finished a REM cycle to guarantee a fresh start of the day. And we all need those, don’t we?

#5: An automated heating/cooling system

Bedroom temperature is a very important factor in the quality of sleep – if it’s too hot, you’ll sweat like a pig and stick to your pillow all the time, and if it’s too cold, your body will shiver and send alarms to your head that will for sure prevent your sleep. A smart heating/cooling system that can be set to a desired temperature and is able to maintain that temperature throughout the night is thus an indispensable helper during cold winter nights, hot summer nights and all nights when you think there is a chance you’ll be sweating a lot (wink , wink)!

#6: A good book

Not a gadget per se, we know, but it still beats most of the fancy (and expensive) gadgets available nowadays, not to even mention that its colourful covers on a shelf or a nightstand can greatly enhance the overall look of your otherwise bland bedroom… Just don’t exchange good old-fashioned paper books for any kind of electronic devices since their radiation disturbs the mind and prevents peaceful sleep.

One more thing…

Have we mentioned already that none of the solutions above actually work without a comfortable Napsie mattress pampering your body? Okay, that might be a tiny lie, but it is very true that Napsie complements these gadgets very well, making your bedroom an even better place for a peaceful sleep…