5 Reasons Why You really need a new pillow

5 Reasons Why You really need a new pillow

Breakups are always hard. It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone or something that has been a part of your life for so long, just like your pillow.  Eventually there comes the time to move on to better things – for instance, a new Napsie pillow. Yet, if you are still in doubt about breaking up with your old pillow, here are the 10 reasons to ease your decision:  

Reason #1: It’s been too long

Loyalty is a great thing – but not when it comes to pillows. You ve been together for way too long. Sure thing, it has always been there when you needed to rest your head down or to cry the things over. It has literally become a part of you – with your hair and body oils have soaked into pillow’s  fabric and filling after all those years of nightly use. It has become a breeding ground for gazillions of bacteria and allergens and a lovely collection of dead skin cells, sweat, mould, makeup and other nasty things. So welcoming!

Reason #2: It’s out of shape

Don’t dance around the truth. Your old, clumpy pillow is not in that perfect shape it used to be when you just met.  We believe that you love it the way it is, however in the end of the day you need a nice, comfortable pillow to rest your head down.  An old pillow can be a real pain in the neck because it fails to support your upper body and causes stiffness when you wake up.  The Napsie pillow will provide the support you need for many nights to come. Why? Because it’s made of high-end, conforming materials that are suitable for a long-term relationship. 

Reason #3: It’s not your type

Speak your mind. You constantly feel like there is something wrong - it’s too soft while you love it firm and another way round. This old pillow loses you sleep every night, while you are tossing and turning trying to get yourself comfortable with it. It’s time to end this nightmare. Napsie pillow has two sides – softer and firmer, so it’s an ultimate match for any type of sleeper and any position. Side, back or stomach? It supports any style ;)

Reason #4: It’s too hot to handle

Sweating in bed can be good but not when it’s caused by your pillow.  Do you wake up feeling too warm and ‘’stuffy’’ even with the window open at night? Well, your pillow is a heat trap that doesn’t let the air to circulate. With Napsie things are different.  The cool side of the pillow is actually both sides ☺

Reason #5: Things are getting dirty 

Doing laundry never seems to make the top of the to-do list. Anyways, who even likes to spend their time on that? So, if you have already skipped washing your pillow for at least 6 months (success, you managed to breed the whole army of bacteria and allergens in it), better swap it out for a fresh one. 

Just like any relationship, finding the right pillow match takes effort...but it’s worth it. If you’ve decided to break up with your old one and are looking for some new options, give a try to the Napsie pillow! Conveniently, you got 101 nights to decide if it's the right one for you. However, we believe it will be love from the first night!