10 facts about sleep you surely didnt know

10 facts about sleep you surely didnt know

Did you know that forcing yourself to stay awake can cause you hallucinations and even paranoia? Or maybe you’ll even start seeing Pokemons in real? How about if we tell you that your dreams in fact don’t have any purpose?  Sounds surprising? Well, so was for us. We pitched the most interesting 10 facts about sleep for you – but don’t let them keep you awake! ☺

The longest time without any sleep?

The record of staying awake for the longest time is 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes. The owner of this “restless record’’ admitted that he suffered from quite many side effects at the end of the period without sleeping among which were hallucinations, paranoia, blurred sight, troubles with memory and concentration – this record is definitely not on the list of records you want to break,  is it?

Are they really sleeping?

Have you ever had someone pretending to be sleeping – for instance your partner when you ask them where did the last piece of that awesome chocolate cake go? Unfortunately you’ll never be able to tell of the person is sleeping or not by just looking at them. People sleep in different ways – we even know some who manage to nap with their eyes open ☺

How quickly do you fall asleep?

If you lay in bed and nod off in less than 5 minutes, it obviously means you don’t get enough sleep and you are over-exhausted. The ideal time between the moment you lay down and fall asleep is from 10 to 15 minutes. This means you’re tired enough to fall sound asleep and you’re not that exhausted to be drowsy during the day. And it’s also enough time to check everything what’s been going on FB during the day. 

When do we dream?

You probably think that dreams occur only during the REM phase, when sleep is the deepest. However, scientists have proven that we also dream during other sleep phases, although perhaps less frequently. But it’s very likely that we dream from the moment we close our eyes till the moment we wake up – no wonder some mornings you wake up feeling like the dream was actually a reality. 

How do we dream?

Although we dream in all phases of sleep, our dreams differ among the phases. In REM phase our dreams feature bizzare and extraordinary scenarios, which can be either pleasant or terrific. In other phases dreams are more realistic yet might be boring, as well as repetitive

What about our movements? 

According to the researches, certain ways of our eyes’ movement in the REM phase actually match certain specific movements in our dreams, which points to the fact that at least a part of our dreams is somehow similar to watching a movie.

Sleeping positions?

How do you sleep? On the back, side, belly, stretched over the bed or curled up like a bun? Are you tossing and turning over the nights chasing something in your dreams? Our changes in sleeping positions are definitely not as fun as those typical of elephants, who lay down during the REM phase and stand throughout all other phases of sleep. You up for some sleep time activity? 

Why do we even dream? 

There are two totally opposing theories about why we see the dreams. Some scientists claim that we dream to repair certain experiences that are hodden in our long-term memory, meaning we dream the things we wanted to memorize. Other scientists believe we dream about the things we want to forget and that dreams are kind of a filter for unpleasant memories, which would otherwise burden our minds. 

What’s the purpose of dreams?

Well, this might sound boring but …. There’s none! According to theories, dreams are only side effect of two evolutionary phenomena: the sleep and out conscience

And here’s a mystery:

An experiment made in 1998 proved that the inner clock which tells us when to sleep and when to stay awake can actually be reset! So next time you’ll have to pull an all-nighter try directing a bright light into the back side of your knees. While scientists have still not been able to explain this phenomenon you might give it a shot and let us know if it actually works ☺